Our Services

Our Services
our commitment to excellence...

We are experienced in producing multimedia for many purposes. However, it is on the web that we have focused our attention. We believe, as many do, that the web provides the most cost effective way of promoting your ideas, products and services.


Web Development

we design interactive websites, run viral marketing campaigns, script software, and build e-commerce sites


Training Videos

we produce programs for specific corporate and B2B needs that are viewed by targeted audiences



we help to create recognition of a product or service and link it to certain associations in mind and memory



we blend communication theories and fundamental entertainment pedagogy into exciting programs


Product Launches

we combine a variety of media and approaches to pitch new products to the general public and to particular niches


PR Videos

we help you managing the flow of information between your organization and your public

Creative Solutions
producing a new personal experience...


Creativity is the phenomenon whereby something new (a product, a solution, a work of art, etc.) is created that has value.

At Fodor Films, we base our programs on education, especially as augmented by technology. We believe that by empowering viewers with the right kind of information, we can help them make more informed choices.